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Posted: 20/04/2021
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The capital the magnificent, undersea city of the naga race – Nazjatar. Located in the eye of the Maelstrom, near the ancient ruins of Suramar. It is also the location of the palace of Queen Azshara, from where she rules over her subjects, former Highborne, who have now become twisted due to the immense magic they experimented with, they who have fallen there after the Great Sundering, which was caused by the powers they unleashed, as they attempted to summon the Burning Legion.

Chronologically, the situation developing in Nazjatar is happening after Alliance won a major victory over the Horde in the Battle of Dazar’alor. While both sides were licking their wounds following the major losses they both incurred, a new development came to be.

A new plan to rid the Horde of its nemesis, the Alliance, was born in the head of the current Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner. She sent a fleet, which was met with the Alliance fleet in the open sea. It was at that moment, when Queen Azshara, with the Tidestone fo Golganneth, opened the sea, creating a crevasse, and stranding both ships on the reefs of Nazjatar., where they are surrounded by Nagas who attack them relentlessly.

How to get to Nazjatar

Getting to Nazjatar is a little different as horde and as Alliance, although it generally entails doing similar activities and quests. The general requirements are as follows:

  • The character must be level 50
  • Have ‘Friendly’ reputation with:
  • As the Alliance: Storm’s Wake, Proudmore Admiralty, Order of Embers
  • As the Horde: Voldunai, Zandalari Empire, Talanji’s Expedition

If a player’s character meets these requirements, then he should immediately receive one of the two quests – as Alliance: The Wolf’s Offensive, and as Horde: The Warchief’s Order, both of which send the player immediately to Nazjatar.

Exploring Nazjatar

The adventure in Nazjatar begins for each side at the wrecks of their respective ships and are mainly concerned with gaining foothold for your faction. There are many things that can be discovered in Nazjatar, especially, given that once you obtain the achievement – Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two; players can now fly in Battle for Azeroth zones, which makes exploring Nazjatar significantly easier, while also allowing the players to access certain places which were unreachable until now.

Nazjatar Map

Players can find many easter-eggs, as well as rare mobs, along with mounts in this new zone. Moreover, due to the impressive landscapes and many hidden caves and secrets, players are greatly encouraged to explore the zone freely.

Nazjatar questline

The main questline in Nazjatar is divided into three parts: Welcome to Nazjatar, Secrets in the Sea, and Turning the Tide. Completing all of the parts of the main questline awards the player with one of the two achievements, appropriately for their respective faction – Sunken Ambitions, for the Alliance and Unfathomable, for the Horde.

Nazjatar quest

The Nazjatar questline is going to award players with many options and mechanics such as, e.g.: Nazjatar Azerite Essences, an option to upgrade benthic gear, a new war campaign questline, or the Memory of Lucid Dreams mechanic, and many others.

Moreover, there are numerous interesting side Nazjatar questlines. These include Mrrl and the Murloc Traders, which involves doing a lot of inside trading with murlocs having freed them from slavery, with the grand-prize of the whole trading scenario being a rare mount – the Crimson Tidestallion. Other interesting quests are also Ancient Technology, which is only available to artisans, since it unlocks the Abyss Focus, an ancient item which allows the artisans to craft many new recipes, and with continuous improvement of the Focus, increases the strength of the gear crafted.

Accessing the Eternal Palace

One of the most prominent locations in all of Nazjatar, the palace of Queen Azshara herself, as well as the iconic raid instance of the area, is surprisingly well-hidden. While the Naga Queen emerged with all of her land, she did leave her seat underwater.

To access the Eternal Palace the player has to go to the Gate of the Queen area of Nazjatar, where, in front of the statue of the Queen, a whirlpool can be found, leading to the Palace. However, it is important to note that in order to enter the whirlpool, the player is required to have finished the Nazjatar questline, although even then anyone can be summoned there by the players who have unlocked the instance.

Eternal Palace

Nazjatar Bodyguards

An important part of this adventure is the Nazjatar Bodyguards. They are our companions after we complete the 5th quest of the second chapter – Secrets in the Sea. Hence, the player is also responsible for leveling them, which can be done by completing special daily quests, which are marked as Combat Ally Quests.

It is also not possible to avoid using this feature, since the very next quest, respectively A Brief Respite for the Alliance, and Down Into Nazjatar for the Horde, require the player to level-up one of them to rank 3. Do note that the maximum rank of the bodyguards is 30, with them gaining special abilities at levels 1, 3, 6, 10, and 15.

Each faction allows the player to choose for each day one of the 3 Nazjatar bodyguards:

For the Alliance:

  • Farseer Ori
  • Hunter Akana
  • Bladesman Inowari

For the Horde:

  • Neri Sharpfin
  • Poen Gillbrack
  • Vim Brineheart

All of them generally offering you a choice between a caster, physical DPS, and a support character.

Battle for Nazjatar

Every 3 hours a 45-minute PvP event takes place in Nazjatar, in this epic battle factions compete for control over the key areas of the zone, trying to best each other for control over it. Victory points are obtained by each faction for either killing the members of the enemy group, or by capturing the five key locations. This is also one of few ways to earn Nazjatar battle commendations, which is a new PvP related currency, that allows players to purchase new gear.

The rewards are given at the end to all members of the factions that participated, in order to receive a reward, one needs to kill at least a single player of the opposing faction. The winning faction is awarded with 50 Conquest and 5 Nazjatar Battle Commendations, while the Losing faction receives 20 Conquest and 2 Nazjatar Battle Commendations.

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