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Posted: 08/05/2021
Battle For Azeroth

Welcome, Heroes of Azeroth! In this guide, we will cover all the matters related to the new Mechagon zone added in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.2. Here you will find the most important information about the area, the new Mechagnome race, daily quests, the new gameplay system, and construction projects.

Many players have been trying for several months to somehow get to the vault built in the mountains of Tiragarde Sound. Unfortunately, no matter how many tried to break through the gate, they failed. In patch 8.2, the game developers introduced the much-anticipated land of Mechagon. To get there, you need to enter the vault, and the Gnomes will help in this undertaking! Inside, you can find a transmitter that indicates the location of the new island. After completing several tasks, you will be able to explore the land and learn about its history and issues.

How to get to Mechagon

To get to the Mechagon you must complete all the new campaign quests in patch 8.2 until you unlock World Quests in Nazjatar. Afterwards, the quest-chain can be started by any character with level 50. For Alliance – The Wolf's Offensive quest in Boralus For Horde – The Warchief's Order in Dazar’alor

After discovering the land of Nazjatar and completing several quests in Silithus related to the Heart of Azeroth, the story shall take you through the beautiful Highmountain area to return to Nazjatar again. There, you are tasked with helping your faction in the fight against Queen Azshara's henchmen. When, A Tempered Blade (ally) / Save A Friend (horde) quest appears and is completed, your character obtains access to World Quests in this land. From now on, you can start your journey to discover Mechagon.

Mechagon Reputation

When you arrive on the island, you will come across a mechagnome camp, where the ones who have decided to oppose their king reside. They form the Rustbolt Resistance, and they can provide you with many interesting items, if as long as you improve relations with them. The highest reputation is also required to unlock Mechagnomes as one of the allied races.

Every day, players who visit the rebel camp can complete daily quests. The number of those changes depending on the reputation level. Unfortunately, there are no emissary quests in this location. Only every day you receive a special task, which is a world quest that is automatically given to any players in Mechagon, that provides you with 850 reputation points.

Crafting – you need blueprints

Mechagon PASCAL

One of the most important NPCs on the Mechagon is Pascal-K1N6. This inconspicuous robot can create amazing items. To unlock it, you need to complete two tasks. Drill Rig Construction Send My Father a Message These are part of the main storyline, so by completing all the tasks you receive, you will unlock Pascal. Once the robot is in the camp, it can be approached and learn all the blueprints the player provides him with. Based on them, he will be able to create items for the player. Blueprints can be obtained from daily quests, elite opponents, chests hidden on the island or bought from Mechagnomes, if you have the appropriate reputation, of course. Thanks to this system, you can get several valuable items such as:

For crafting, you must use special crafting items available only on the island of Mechagon. These materials can be obtained from monsters inhabiting the island, chests, daily quests, or world quests. It is worth not getting rid of excess crafting reagents, since as the situation develops, we will need more and more of them.

Dungeon – Operation Mechagon

Operation Mechagon

In patch 8.2 under the title – Rise of Azshara, a new dungeon called Operation: Mechagon was made available. It belongs to the group of megadungeons. This instance is inhabited by Mechagnomes under the command of King Mechagon. This area has been divided into two parts. The first is the Mechagon Island, where elite enemies and four bosses appear after entering the instance, instead of regular monsters. After defeating the last boss, HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit, the gate to the second part, which is located in the underground part of the island, opens. After defeating three bosses and many other mobs, we get to the room where we will face King Mechagon. Both parts of the megadungeon can be completed on the Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty levels. The tactics for all bosses are quite complex and you should get to know them before you face them. Moreover, if you are not yet interested enough, below is the list of the most important items that we can get from 8 bosses:

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