Lightless Silk farming guide

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Posted: 16/10/2021

Lightless Silk farming guide

Azeroth's Heroes! We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our latest World of Warcraft farming guide. This time, we'll concentrate on clothing farming in Shadowlands, as well as all of the new content that came with Oribos. First, we'll go over how cloths are obtained in Shadowlands in general. Then we'll show you our favourite farming areas for the Lightless Silk and give you some pointers on how to make your job easier and faster while also earning you more gold.

Clothes in Shadowlands

First of all, you should know that there are two basic kinds of clothes in Shadowlands:

Other refined varieties, such as Enchanted Lightless Silk created by Enchanters, are also available, but they are not naturally occurring and hence cannot be farmed. As a result, we will not discuss them here. Everything else, on the other hand, will be covered later in the article.

Changes in Shadowlands

Lightless Silk is the rarer one of the two clothes, although both of them, for the most part, drop off of the same monsters. Thanks to its increased rarity it is considered quite valuable given its simultaneous importance. Hence, as was the case with previous expansions clothes are worth quite some gold should you try and sell them on the Auction House. That is because they are used by many different professions who need them – primarily tailors, but also enchanters, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths. This cloth is an important crafting ingredient for such important items as the Vestige of Origins, Comfortable Rider's Barding, Enchanted Lightless Silk or Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle.

Aside from that, not much has changed in terms of clothing. Similarly, to previous expansions, they have a chance to drop from a variety of creatures, but the vast majority of them are humanoid. It's not that other monsters have no possibility of dropping garments, but they do have a much smaller likelihood than humanoids, thus it's best to farm those.

Lightless Silk farming routes

We'd like to show you our recommended sites and areas for farming Lightless Silk in this part. These are a few spots where you can find a high concentration of mobs while yet having a reasonable respawn timer. Those places are suitable for both solo and group farming. They also work well if your character has the classic combination of tailoring and enchanting, since they will provide you with a large number of items that you can later disenchant.

Route 1

Lightless Silk farming guide Revendreth

We recommend the site in Revendreth's north-east corner for the first route. The Archivam region is located north of the Halls of Atonement. It's this tiny island that juts out from the map's edge. You'll mostly find four varieties of humanoid mobs here, all of which have a quick respawn rate and are quite near to one other, making huge pulls simpler.

Beleaguered Excavators, Excavation Enforcers, Nefarious Thugs, and Nefarious Collectors are the monsters to hunt in Revendreth. You may simply sprint clockwise around the area while clearing it, and considering their respawn rate, you should never have to stop. Furthermore, you can sell your garbage items to an NPC named Nourman who is located near the zone where you farm, making it easier to farm nonstop.

Route 2

Lightless Silk farming guide Ardenweald

While this second region is undoubtedly more efficient, it necessitates significantly better equipment. This location can be found in Ardenweald. It's a place named Tirna Noch, and it's just west of Hibernal Hollow. Blighted Fadeblades and Masked Soulsplitters with extremely short respawn times can be found here. Furthermore, because they are so easy to aggro, you may simply pull them while mounted for maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, a well-equipped player should have no trouble dealing with ten of them at once.

Route 3

Lightless Silk farming guide Ardenweald 2

For the last spot we are going to remain in Ardenweald. However, this time we are going to a slightly different location, arguably with even better respawn timers, as well as to offer you an alternative if somebody is already occupying the previous spot. This one is an area at the edge of the map, exactly north of the Tirna Vaal. There you can find two kinds of humanoid monsters – Rotbriar Tormentors and Rotbriar Tricksters. In this area, even if you form a group of two or four, you ought to have no problems having something to kill at all times.

Lightless Silk farming tips

Since Lightless Silk is a drop item, there isn't much you can do to farm it other than be well-equipped and gain some experience with how much you can pull and how efficiently you can deliver AoE damage.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you're serious about farming clothes, you should learn tailoring. Even at level 1 Shadowlands Tailoring, you can have a passive ability named Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging, therefore the level doesn't really relevant. This skill increases the possibility of getting some extra materials in the loot from all the enemies you kill. Reportedly it can increase your yield by up to 381%.

If your goal is to earn as much gold as possible, you can switch between tailoring and enchanting for even more efficiency. Because of the way professions work in Shadowlands, this is conceivable. As a result, you can farm with the boost and then disenchant stuff once you're done.

Furthermore, with the modifications to the looting system, you may farm efficiently in groups because you can loot any mob if you deal any damage to it. So, if you collect five characters and farm together, you can obtain the loot five times providing everyone inflicted some damage.

Keeping all of this in mind, as well as the suggestions we provided in our Lightless Silk farming guide and visiting the regions we recommended, you should be able to fill your bags with valuable materials very fast, whether for your professions or to sell at the Auction House. Good luck and have a great time!

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