Laestrite farming guide

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Posted: 21/08/2021

Laestrite Ore farming guide

Welcome Adventurer to our new WoW farming guide on shadowlands mining. This time we invite you to have a look at the tips and tricks for the ultimate Laestrite farming experience to help you with optimal routes and finding more nodes for mining with our routes, thus making more gold. In this Laestrite Ore farming tutorial we are going to discuss how mining ores changed in Shadowlands and we are going to give you our recommended farming paths so keep on reading.

Ores in Shadowlands

First of all, however, before we go there, we would like to give you some basic information on Laestrite Ore. It is one of the six mineable resources available in Shadowlands, other ones being:

In this series we are going to cover all of them in detail, so in case you are going to need any ore other than Laestrite Ore, we got you covered.

Changes in Shadowlands

Laestrite Ore is the basic stone in Shadowlands and all of Oribos world, thus it is obviously going to be needed in extremely large quantities for different equipment. It is especially needed for such precious items like the Crafter's Mark I, Crafter's Mark II, Crafter's Mark III, and Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle, as well as Vestige of Origins. All of the above making it a sought-after material that many require in great quantities, hence, possibly, making you a lot of gold with your mining skill if you choose to sell the ores or equipment. The exact method on finding those nodes those in a moment.

Shadowlands also changed many other things. Things like the way mining materials are found and where they are located on the routes to farm. Up until now, similarly to herbs, ore veins were found in a set of zones that were of a similar level range, so you could easily choose where you want to farm. It also made the competition over the resources lesser since players would all go to different places. Now most ore veins are zone locked. This means that they are exclusive to only one zone, and this is the only place you are going to find them.

Laestrite Ore is a basic yellow ore and because of that it can be found in many places. In fact, in all of the Shadowlands’ zones – 50 per cent of all the ore nodes around the new areas have a chance to spawn as Laestrite, hence it is a resource usually simple to farm laestrite ore alongside some other ore, however for those who need large quantities of this particular ore we will show you how to optimally farm this ore and make some gold later in our ore farming tutorial.

Laestrite Ore farming routes

Farming the various reagents in Shadowlands, including shadowlands mining, is not a surprising experience for any veteran or player with some level of experience; however, it is important to remember that there are some important differences that set this expansion apart from the previous ones that we would like to highlight in this mining guide to farm Laestrite.

Laestrite Ore nodes location

There isn’t much that has changed regarding the way you find ore veins in Shadowlands. Similarly, to earlier expansions, these still spawn near cliffs and mountains, as well as on higher ground. Hence, in some cases you might find that some ores spawn more in areas of the zones that are difficult to travel traverse or access.

Moreover, you will not find any resources, ores and herbs included, in the immediate proximity of any settlements or cities, so the route suggests avoids those as well as areas of quests. On the contrary, the further away you venture, up to a point, the more of the resources you will notice close to you, so don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track if you’d like to explore on your own and gather some materials along the way.

Route 1 laestrite ore

Revendreth - route 1

Now, getting started with the routes, we are going to describe them in detail so there is no real need for an addon for this gathering guide and data on how to farm laestrite in Shadowlands. The first area we recommend is Revendreth. Here, in Revendreth, you will also find Sinvyr Ore. There is one area there that is a bit special due to large concentration and high respawn rate of the ore veins there, so it is one of the more interesting places if you are looking for somewhere to farm. It’s the area surrounded by hills south-east of Sinfall and south-west of Castle Nathria. This is a small area where you also find quest givers – Sabina and Theotar.

Route 2 laestrite ore

Bastion - route 2

However, if you are aiming for a bit more of an actual mining route, rather than feel like a prisoner with a restraining order, you might want to head to Bastion. Here you will also find Solenium Ore. You want to begin your path south of the Purity’s Pinnacle. Go a little north of Aspirant’s Crucible. From there start heading down, while making your way towards The Mnemonic Locus, once you get there start heading back onto the higher ground, while going south towards where you started, your way should go east of Sophia’s Aria and Aspirant’s Rest. Once you are exactly east of the latter location you can begin the route anew.


Do note that while this is a very good route, you have to first progress your Shadowlands Bastion Campaign quest, since the area initially has no ore and virtually no hostile mobs. Moreover, this route will require you to have decent gear since in Bastion there will be a bit of fighting involved if you choose to follow it.

Route 3 laestrite ore

Bastion - route 3

Lastly, if you are not geared so well, you might choose the other route in Bastion. You should begin down and south of Korinna’s Reliquary, make a circle around the hill since there should be plenty of ore there. Then head towards Hero’s Rest, and also make a half-round around the base of the hill. Then start heading towards The Eternal Forge, while passing through Ithys’ Basin. Once you are there, make a circle around the back of The Eternal Forge and head towards the front of the Seat of Eternal Hymns. From there head towards the Anima Extractor and then make a round outside of the Temple of Humility. Afterwards, while remaining near the edges of the map, head back to the starting point.

Following those gathering routes, we described in our posts you should quickly be able to mine and have more than enough ore mined for whatever crafting or business venture with the auction house you have planned. Good hunting Adventurer!

Laestrite Ore farming tips

Other than routes themselves do keep in mind that there are a few things that can be done to further optimize the farming experience while working with our ore farming guide.

Farming gear and mounts

Generally, for the more obvious tips, you can save a little bit of time by using a gloves enchant while gathering – Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering, which is going to reduce the time you need to for mining ores 3 times, which is by all means extremely substantial for your mining skill, as well as herbalism if you have both, since sometimes it makes a difference between you having to fight a mob and just running away with the ore. Hence, this one is a huge time-saver for farming, especially if you have some good routes.

Another issue is the problem with mounts, since the biggest waste of time is dismounting and mounting back up, and funnily the better the route the more gathering you do, the more you have to take care of this particular issue. Most importantly you want to avoid getting forcefully dismounted in case any random mob manages to land an attack on you. To avoid that you can either: switch to a tank specialization or get a Comfortable Rider's Barding.

Secondly, you can also get one of the two possible options for gathering while you are still mounted. If you are a druid, you can of course utilise your travel form, which is the easiest idea. The other one is to have a Sky Golem mount that also allows the player to do all of the same activities while mounted.

Unfortunately, similarly as with herbalism, other than that there is not a whole lot you can do to make the process any faster or mine more efficiently with this profession, so some amount of time to be consumed you have to accept. However, if you follow out ore farming guide you should be fine and have your bags full in no time, as well as be ready with them to be sold on the auction house or use them for your professions. Leave some comments or posts at our site concerning this guide if you choose to play with it on your character.

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