Heavy Callous Hide farming guide

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Posted: 23/10/2021

Heavy Callous Hide farming guide

Adventurers! Welcome to the most recent World of Warcraft: Shadowlands farming and leather and bone gathering tutorial. If you enjoy Skinning, this is a must-read for you! This guide will mostly cover the changes brought about by the new expansion, as well as the finest farming locations in Oribos.

We're going to concentrate on collecting Heavy Callous Hide in this post. You may rest assured that you will have all the necessary information and skills for your chosen professions. Furthermore, we promise that following our advice will increase both your efficiency and the quantity of gold you earn.

Leathers, hides, and bones in Shadowlands

First, you should be aware of what resources you can harvest using your skinning profession in Shadowlands. All in all, there are five different things:

Since we're talking about heavy hide farming, you should realize that the standard hide, like leathers, comes in heavy variants. These may be created by fusing 10 basic skins or skinned from certain creatures; however, we'll concentrate on collecting them rather than manufacturing them, so be cautious. All those things have their own farming instructions, so if you're searching for something other than Heavy Callous Hide, look in one of those, while the main item of interest is covered in the section below.

Changes in Shadowlands

The Heavy Callous Hide is one of the rarest skinning results. Normal monsters have a drop rate of 3-4 percent, which is relatively low, so acquiring more will take some time, but you can anticipate it to be in great demand. Furthermore, like with other goods that are a little more difficult to come by the value grows exponentially, implying that the demand for this hide will be very strong, so selling it on the Auction House shouldn't be a problem if you aren't intending to use it for your professions.

What is more, another factor that fuels the demand for the Heavy Callous Hide is the fact that it is used in many important recipes that are going to be repeatedly crafted throughout the expansion. Those items include things such as the Shadowscale sets, Enchanted Heavy Callous Hide, Crafter's Mark II, Crafter's Mark III, Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle and the Boneshatter and Umbrahide legendary sets. The latter two especially making it a high demand item, since a lot of this material is going to be needed for the making of those.

But that isn't the most significant part. The most substantial change in Shadowlands is that all skinable creatures now give all sorts of leathers and hides, albeit at varying rates. What this implies is that you may now perform all your skinning on a single farming path or place, without having to go to other zones or seek for a certain sort of monster.

Aside from the modifications, there aren't many differences in skinning. The same as previously, you must pick a location that you enjoy and that meets three criteria: it should have: a high concentration of monsters, so you may pull as many as you want; a fast respawn rate, so you can farm indefinitely; and, finally, the animals you hunt should have no problematic abilities, such as stuns, stacking poison, slows, and so on.

If you pick one of the places below, which have been painstakingly evaluated to satisfy these criteria, you will be given all the conditions.

Heavy Callous Hide farming routes

This section will be devoted to describing the actual farming procedure in Shadowlands. Furthermore, we'd like to offer you some of our favourite sites that we've tried and found to be the finest of all the ones you'll find, as well as some extra alternatives based on your chosen scenery and the possibility of competition in one of the spots.

Additionally, regardless of how you choose to utilize these sites or whether you are well-equipped or not, they should function for gathering. However, keep in mind that you should explore your boundaries and avoid being overly enthusiastic.

Route 1

Heavy Callous Hide farming guide Bastion

The first location that we would like to recommend is in Bastion. The exact position is slightly south of the Firstborne's Bounty, between the Temple of Humility and the Hero's Rest. The Glided Cloudstriders occupy this region, and they have the greatest respawn rate of the three spots we recommend, so if you're a speedy and efficient player, this could be the ideal place for you to make the most of your time.

Route 2

Heavy Callous Hide farming guide Maldraxxus

The second-best location we'd want to discuss is in Maldraxxus. This location combines the ease of farming with high efficiency, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced players. Just west of the Theater of Pain is the precise site. The region is simple to explore because it is surrounded on three sides by trails and hills on the west. The Neonate Bonetooths, Bloodskin Tauraluss, and Furious Alphahoofs are the mobs to look out for while you're here. These aren't very harmful; however, they are a little more durable than some of the other alternatives.

Route 3

Heavy Callous Hide farming guide Maldraxxus 2

In Maldraxxus, the alternative way is equally as excellent as the first. While the mobs are maybe a little simpler to defeat here, the concentration of them is a touch low, making pulling a significant quantity a little more difficult. The actual position is just south-east of the entrance of the Theater of Pain. The Virulent Pests can be found here; compared to other locations in Maldraxxus, these creatures are very easy to kill, and they spawn at an amazing rate. The main downside, as previously said, is that they aren't as close together as they might be, making pulling a bit more difficult. However, it remains one of our favourites, and because of this one flaw, it may be less busy at peak hours.

Heavy Callous Hide farming tips

There isn't much you can do to enhance your farming efficiency due to the way skinning works, except increase your killing potential. As a result, if you want to get extra Heavy Callous Hide out of the routes we advised, we recommend upgrading your gear and setup. Aside from that, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

It is suggested that you do not die. Seriously, that extra mob on your pull isn't going to help you much, and it's certainly not worth it if you die while doing it, so establish a safe threshold for when you pull, and test it a bit if you want. Remember that getting back on your feet after dying will take considerably longer than killing another pack.

Also, bear in mind that not all classes have equal harvesting ability. Certain classes, like as druids, are particularly well suited to this type of activity. Remember that the next time your feral druid guildmate claims to be able to grab 10 creatures, and don't try it on your priest.

Finally, with the changes to the looting mechanism, remember that farming in groups has become a realistic alternative, as everyone may now contribute and earn their fair share while using the same monsters many times. As a result, it may improve efficiency by leaps and bounds, allowing you to control a specific area with your sheer manpower.

Farming gear

There isn't much you can do in terms of gearing when collecting leathers, other from what you put on for your normal activities. Obviously, the most important aspect in this activity is your killing capacity. Aside from that, the only worthwhile expenditure is the enchantment of the gloves: Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering.

This enchantment alone boosts your efficiency by a significant amount. That's because typically, after pulling eight monsters, it takes 1.5 seconds to skin them all. This, on the other hand, takes only 0.5 seconds. As a result, you'll save a lot of time skinning, which you may invest towards obtaining more monsters to skin.

We really hope you find this guide useful in your farming endeavours and that you follow the instructions in our Heavy Callous Hide farming guide. If you do, we promise you'll come away with a plethora of leathers, hides, and bones to use in your professions or sell at the Auction House. Adventurer, have fun and be safe!

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