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Posted: 27/08/2021

Welcome! We'd like to introduce you to our newest World of Warcraft farming guide, which focuses on shadowlands mining. This time, we recommend taking a look at the greatest Elethium farming tips and strategies to help you locate the best routes and find more nodes for mining with our routes, resulting in more gold gained in less time spent on your character. In this Elethium Ore farming tutorial, we'll go over how mining ores has transformed in Shadowlands, as well as our preferred farming paths.

Ores in Shadowlands

Before we get there, though, we'd want to provide you some background information about Elethium Ore, as it is one of Shadowlands' six mineable resources, along with the following:

We'll go through all of them in depth in our series of guides on shadowlands mining, so if you need anything other than Elethium Ore, we've got you covered!

Changes in Shadowlands

Elethium Ore is part of the set of ores introduced with the new expansion – Shadowlands. This is one of the rarest of them, meaning that there is going to be a lot of demand for it throughout the content. This material is a reagent necessary for many items in Blacksmithing and Engineering making it value its weight in gold. Those precious items include: PHA7-YNX, Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands, Crafter's Mark III, Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle and the whole Shadowsteel set which is a crafted plate set for players who are fresh level 60. That must have made you interested, so in the next section, shortly, we are going to go into detail about the routes and gathering Elethium.

Many other things have changed as a result of Shadowlands. This includes things like how mining resources are discovered and where they may be found on farming routes. Similar to herbs, ore veins were previously located in a number of zones with equal level ranges, allowing you to simply choose where you wanted to farm. It also reduced resource competition by allowing participants to go to different locations. The great majority of mineral veins have been zone locked at this point. This means that they're restricted to specific zones and can only be found there.

In certain ways, Elethium Ore is and isn't one of those ores, as we'll see in a moment. While it may be found in all of the Shadowlands' zones, it can only do so by substituting for a different ore, which it has a low chance of replacing. As a result, it is an unreliable method, and we will hardly discuss it in this tutorial. Farming it in The Maw is the only alternative option. That's because Elethium is the only ore that emerges there.

However, the player must first gain entry to The Maw. There are a few prerequisites to do so, the first of which is that you must be level 60, which shouldn't be too difficult. Second, you must complete the campaign for your covenant: Kyrian Campaign, Night Fae Campaign, Necrolord Campaign, or Venthyr Campaign.

Furthermore, you will not be able to utilize your mount in The Maw until you have completed the quest – Who is the Maw Walker? A quest that is part of the Oribos quest chain that starts with First Move. This is the first task that any player who logs in after patch 9.1 receives automatically.

Elethium Ore farming routes

For any veteran or experienced player, collecting the various reagents from Shadowlands and Shadowland Mining is not a new experience – it is very similar to both mining and herbalism; however, it is important to remember that there are some significant differences between this expansion and previous ones that we would like to highlight in this guide.

Elethium Ore node locations

Mineral nodes have indeed been updated to a degree in Shadowlands, but little has changed in reality. These, like in the past, spawn in close proximity to cliffs and mountains. As a result, some ores may spawn more frequently in difficult-to-reach or-access areas, underlining the importance of a good route.

Furthermore, no resources, including ores, have been located in the vicinity of any of the game's villages or towns, whether we are talking about materials to be mined or used for herbalism. However, the more you venture into the wild, the more resources you will see around you, so don't be afraid to stray from the main path and harvest ore on your own.

Route 1

The Maw Elethium Ore

Given that by now you are probably scratching your head and thinking, where to find Elethium Ore? For our first path we are going to venture to the Maw. This one is still a pretty safe route that essentially all classes should have no problem using. This path we are recommending is focused on the northern part of the Maw. To being with, you should start in front of the Ve’Naris’s Refuge, from there start heading north-west until you reach the gates of The Tremaculum. Once you reach that point, start heading south, towards the Unified Front quest-givers, just before reaching their location start going east, to then head towards the spot from where you started as you approach it from the south.

Route 2

Reven route 2

We also would like to still include some other routes in other zones that are decent for farming Elethium, for those who would rather avoid the Maw due to its dangers or tough mobs. Of course, using those routes means also getting a lot of other ores since the chance for Elethium to appear is about 5%. First of all, here is a place that we found has the best concentration of nodes coupled with a very high respawn rate around the whole site, which makes it perfect for gathering ores as well as for you to mine stone.

To go there you want to go to a spot surrounded by hills. It is located south-east of Sinfall and south-west of Castle Nathria. If it makes it any easier to track the spot, you there are also two NPC – Sabina and Theotar, who are the quest givers that happen to be just in the area. Once you find your way there, all you really have to do is run around the edges of the area. Alternatively, if you find yourself outrunning the respawn rates you can extend your path slightly by going to the cliff edges to the west from Ember Wart up to the wall.

Route 3

Bastion route 3

For the last path, we would like to suggest that you might also want to visit Bastion, since this place also has a good spot to offer with high respawn rates and lots of nodes. Those two factors increase your chances at finding Elethium. You want to begin your path south of the Purity’s Pinnacle. Go a little north of Aspirant’s Crucible. From there start heading down, while making your way towards The Mnemonic Locus, once you get there start heading back onto the higher ground, while going south towards where you started, your way should go east of Sophia’s Aria and Aspirant’s Rest. Once you are exactly east of the latter location you can begin the route anew.

While this is a fantastic way, you must first complete the Shadowlands Bastion Campaign quest, as the area contains no ore and almost no hostile creatures at first. Furthermore, this route will necessitate the use of appropriate equipment, as there will be some fighting in Bastion if you choose to take it.

Elethium Ore farming tips

Aside from finding the correct routes, there are a few things that may help you make the most of your farming time, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness and avoid having to buy resources from the Auction House and instead become a seller or a self-sufficient craftsman.

Farming gear and mounts

To begin, enchant your gloves with Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering, which cuts the time it takes to gather ores to a third, allowing you to choose between fighting a mob and just fleeing with the ore. As a result, you will save a significant amount of time and money by following an optimized route that you believe is the best for you.

Another challenge is connected with being mounted, because getting down and back up on a mount takes a significant amount of time. Above all, if a random mob attacks you, you don't want to be pushed down from your mount. You can either switch to a tanking speciality or buy a Comfortable Rider's Barding to avoid this. Even while mounted, you can also select between the two gathering options. If you're a druid, you can collect while on the go using your travel form, which is the most convenient approach. In addition, the player can mount the Sky Golem and perform the same tasks.

There isn't much you can do to speed things up, but if you follow our Elethium Ore farming guide and use the roads we recommend, you'll be fine and have your bags filled in no time. You can do whatever you want with them, from selling them at the Auction House to employing them in your profession.

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