Darkmoon faire profession quests

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Posted: 27/04/2021

Darkmoon faire profession quests

The Darkmoon faire, an incredible and well-known event, that brings entertainment to all of the people, of all races and allegiance, in Azeroth, but we have already spoken about it in another article.

However, you might not know that that, entertainment aside, Darkmoon faire can also help players to boost their profession progress, which can be especially useful if you are stuck at some point in levelling-up your professions, or you would like to avoid spending a lot of gold at the last few levels and would rather wait a bit instead.

These so-called Darkmoon faire profession quests can be done at each faire, which means they are repeatable, although they are not dailies, every time you have to wait for the next event to begin. Despite that, the players are not limited to only one of them, each time the faire is in progress, each of the player’s characters can complete the quest for each of his professions.

There are a few characters at the faire responsible for the profession quests, these are:

  • Yebb Neblegear, for Blacksmiths;
  • Sylannia, for Alchemists;
  • Chronos, for Herbalists, Jewelcrafters, and Skinning;
  • Sayge, for Enchanters and Inscription;
  • Selina Dourman, for Tailors;
  • Rinling for Engineers, Leatherworkers, and Miners;
  • Stamp Thunderhorn, for Cooks and Fishing;
  • Professor Thaddeus Paleo, for Archaeology.

Profession Quest’s location

All of the quest are located at the site of the Faire, on the Darkmoon Island, which can be accessed from two points:

  • Kalimdor – using a portal below Thunder Bluff in Mulgore.
  • Eastern Kingdoms – using a portal just south of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.

Profession Quest’s criteria

In order to receive the respective quests, the players have to meet only one basic criterion, that is, they need 75 skill points in the base profession. The skill points in the professions added in the Shadowlands expansion do not count towards this requirement.

However, it is important to note that these quests can also give points to these newly added professions, if they are not at the level cap yet.

Profession Quest’s rewards

All of these quests reward in a similar way, most importantly from each quest we are guaranteed:


Alchemy – A Fizzy Fusion

To complete the quest the player needs to buy Fizzy Faire Drink, which is also sold by the quest-giver, as well as Moonberry Juice, which needs to be bought beforehand. When you have obtained 5 of each, use the Cocktail Shaker, that you were provided in order to create 5 Moonberry Fizz. Then you can turn-in the quest.

Blacksmithing – Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes

In this quest, you are given some Iron Stock, which can be transformed into Horseshoes using anvils around the Darkmoon faire e.g.: near Chronos, or if you are feeling lazy, you can just use the Thermal Anvil. Afterwards, simply target Baby – the horse next to Yebb, and use the Horseshoe on her.

Enchanting – Putting Trash to Good Use

The requirement of this quest is simply to gather 6 Discarded Weapons, which are lying around the faire area. Afterwards, the only things left to be done is to disenchant them by simply clicking on them. You should receive 6 Soothsayer's Dust, which should be given to Sayge.

Engineering – Talkin' Tonks

This quest, similarly, to the enchanting profession quest, requires you to search the area for Damaged Tonks and repair them with the provided item – the Battered Wrench. Having repaired the items, just simply return the quest to Rinling.

Inscription – Writing the Future

In order to complete this quest, you are going to need to buy 5 Light Parchment. Afterwards, once you have accepted the quest, you need to click on the Bundle of Exotic Herbs, to combine the Light Parchment with the Prophetic Ink, which is provided, to create 5 Darkmoon Faire Fortune. Then, the only thing left is to bring back the items to Sayge.

Jewelcrafting – Keeping the Faire Sparkling

This one, is another simple gathering quest which requires you to walk around the faire grounds and search for Bit of Glass, which seem like parts of shattered bottles. Subsequently, they have to be cut into Sparkling 'Gemstone' and given to Chronos.

Leatherworking – Eyes on the Prizes

The criterion of completing this quest is to craft 5 Darkmoon Prize. To do this, it is important to obtain some items before heading to Darkmoon Faire, namely five of each: Shiny Bauble, Coarse Thread and Blue Dye. When you are done crafting them using the Darkmoon Craftsman's Kit, give the items to Rinling.

Tailoring – Banners, Banners Everywhere!

This quest is another one of the few that require you to prepare some items, these are: Red Dye, Blue Dye, and Coarse Thread. Once you receive the quest you can use the Darkmoon Banner Kit to combine the aforementioned items to create a banner. Following that, you must find some Loose Stones with which to use the banner to put it up. Next, the last remaining thing is to go back to the quest giver – Selina and complete the quest.

Mining – Rearm, Reuse, Recycle

Completing this quest requires the player to find Tonk Scrap, which are scattered across the area of the faire. They look like different parts of metal scrap and sparkle a little. Gathering six of them, lets you return the quest to Rinling.

Skinning – Tan My Hide

This quest is given by Chronos, and in order to complete it the player needs to search the faire grounds and find four Staked Skin – branch racks with some skin extended between them. After you are done gathering, just bring them back to the quest giver and receive your rewards.

Herbalism – Herbs for Healing

This is another gathering profession quest, which is typical for all these professions. This time, the task is to gather 6 Darkblossom (small purple flowers), which grow around the area of the Darkmoon Faire. Once you are done, go to Chronos to complete the quest.

Archaeology – Fun for the Little Ones

This quest requires a bit of work before you head to the Darkmoon faire to do the profession quest. It is recommended to do some digs, since you will need 15 Fossil Archaeology Fragments. All you need to do is give them to Professor Thaddeus Paleo to complete the quest.

Fishing – Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs

This rather simple quest simply requires the player to start fishing anywhere around the Darkmoon Island, until you catch five Great Sea Herring. Upon collecting all the fishes, you can return them to Stamp Thunderhorn.

Cooking – Putting the Crunch in the Frog

The cooking profession quest is also fairly simple as well as rather quick if you remember to bring 5 Simple Flour to Stamp Thunderhorn, who, upon accepting the quest, will give you Plump Frogs, which, when used, consume flour and give you Breaded Frog. Afterwards, these need to be thrown into the pot of oil to make Crunchy Frog. Then simply turn-in the quest.

As you can see, aside from the first aid, all of the professions in the game can be quite easily boosted around the bumpy patches of their levelling period with these simple quests, which should be even easier with this little guide around the Darkmoon Faire profession quests.

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