Creeping Crawler Meat farming guide

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Posted: 17/10/2021

Creeping Crawler Meat farming guide

Hello and welcome Heroes of Azeroth! We wish to welcome you to this new farming tutorial in this series focusing on the materials that arrived with World of Warcraft Shadowlands and the land of Oribos.

Contents of this guide are going to be the general information that you ought to know before getting to farming meats in general as well as the one we are focusing on in particular, the changes to meats that came with the new expansion as well as our favourite and very best routes and spots for farming them.

Meats in Shadowlands

Generally speaking, you should be aware that there are different kinds of meats in Shadowlands, precisely six of them, they are:

In this particular article we are going to focus on the first one of those – the Creeping Crawler Meat. However, if you are interested in the other ones, you can find other guides which include them on our website.

Changes in Shadowlands

The Creeping Crawler Meat is one of the more common meats that are available in Oribos. The average drop rate for this ingredient, disregarding the elites, is between 22-25 per cent for a typical mob, which means that every 4 to 5 mobs should get you some of it. This makes it one of the more basic meats, however that doesn’t make it any less important and needed. It is a crucial ingredient for many important recipes such as the raid food – Surprisingly Palatable Feast and Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic. Those two factors combined make for quite a decent demand that fuels the prices meaning that whether you cook it with your profession or sell it at the Auction House, either way you are bound to make a good profit.

When it comes to changes, on the other hand, overall, Shadowlands was a revolution in many aspects. However, meats and other cooking ingredients were not exactly a part of it. That is because not much has really changed except for what couldn’t be called more than a tweak.

The biggest change when comparing farming cooking ingredients to Battle for Azeroth, is that now each mob can only drop a particular type of meat, which means that every one of them requires a personalized farming routes and approach.

Secondly, which is perhaps most interesting to most players interested in gathering meats, is the severe decrease in drop rates. Since when you compare Shadowlands and Battle for Azeroth, in the latter when you killed an eligible mob you would almost always get a cooking material, now, however, what happens in this latest expansion is a huge drop in the chances of obtaining those items.

Creeping Crawler Meat farming routes

In this section, we are going to guide you step by step through the process of farming in Shadowlands while showing you the best of our favourite spots and routes that have all been tried and tested.

All of those are going to work fine for you thanks to meeting certain criteria – they all are full of monsters which are quite easy to kill, have good spawn rate and density – all of which makes it perfect places to farm no matter if you are going to do it alone or in a group.

Route 1

Creeping Crawler Meat farming guide Maldraxxus

The first route we would like to recommend to you is one in Maldraxxus. The area we want to talk about is the Burning Thicket, which is this little zone south of the House of Constructs and north-west of the House of the Chosen. In this place the mobs that you are really interested in are Sloughskin Nymphs and Devouring Sloughskin, there are also some Ossein Drones and Ossein Workers there, but they don’t have a particularly good drop rate, so don’t focus on them too much. Overall, the first two of the aforementioned monsters are perfect, since they are going to respawn at an astounding rate, without even needing to really hop on your mount. Hence, making for our favourite location for farming meats.

Route 2

Creeping Crawler Meat farming guide Maldraxxus 2

The other route in Maldraxxus, is just as good as the previous one. Here, while the mobs are a little easier to kill perhaps, the concentration of them is a bit lacking so you might find pulling a sufficient number a bit harder. The exact location is just south-east of the Theater of Pain's entrance. The Virulent Pests can be found here; these monsters are quite simple to defeat when compared to other areas in Maldraxxus, and they spawn at an incredible pace. The only disadvantage, as we have mentioned, is that they aren't as close together as they could be, so pulling will take a little more effort on your part. However, this remains one of our favourites, and owing to this one little drawback, it may be a little less crowded at peak hours.

Route 3

Creeping Crawler Meat farming guide Ardenweald

Lastly, for a change of scenery we would like to propose a good location in Ardenweald. The exact location of this spot is just north-west of the Glitterfall Basin, more or less where the letter “G” is on the map. It is a small piece of land where you can find Gorm Harriers and Mature Stellarwasps. This spot is quite balance, and the monsters should not pose a big problem to even the less experienced players, while this less known location will allow for more privacy and less competition when trying to farm.

Creeping Crawler Meat farming tips

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to improve your Creeping Crawler Meat farming since this activity is the most straightforward of any gathering endeavour. There are still a few things you can do to improve your experience. In this section we will shortly go over them. Although we find them rather instinctive, we are sure that you will benefit from acknowledging these elements and aspects more consciously and subsequently adopting them into your farming practice.

Overall, the biggest impact is going to be your gear and specialization, since being a healer will not help your, neither will being a tank, you will need to pull a lot of mobs and dispose of them as quickly as possible. That means that certain classes and specializations, such as balance and feral druids will undoubtedly have an easier time.

Moreover, remember that it is far better efficiency and timewise to go slower rather than die. Since if your end up dead then getting back on your feet takes far more time than pulling a second pack of mobs, even if smaller in size. Hence, you should test and research to get to know your limits when farming and keep a safety margin. You will find this to be a great boost to your gameplay.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that farming in groups is now quite efficient due to how the looting system works now, as long as you and your teammates all tag the monsters you are dealing with, you can increase your loot exponentially. So, you should consider this option carefully since it might benefit your greatly.

We hope that armed with all of this advice and guidance; you will be able to make the most of your time when farming with our Creeping Crawler Meat farming guide. As long as you keep in mind what we said in this tutorial, you should have no problem making a killing on farming and either becoming a great chef or earning a ton on the Auction House. We wish you good luck and have fun!

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