Aethereal Meat farming guide

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Posted: 20/10/2021

Aethereal Meat farming guide

Welcome to the latest article in a new series of farming tutorials for World of Warcraft's Shadowlands and the new land of Oribos. As always, we'll go through all of the available and farmable resources in detail!

In this section, we'll concentrate on the Aethereal Meat. We'll provide you with all of the basic information you'll need, as well as the various changes that have occurred since the start of this new expansion, similar to previous resources. Finally, we'll show you the best farming routes and locations so you can get up and running quickly.

Meats in Shadowlands

Overall, you should know by now that there are six different kinds of meats in Shadowlands, which are they are:

The Aethereal Meat is the last of the meats that we are going to discuss in our series, hence if there is any other ingredient that you wish to find in Azeroth, you can also look into our other guide on this website since there is a dedicated guide with personalised approach for each and every farmable resource. However, if it is the Aethereal Meat that you are after then you are in the right place, and we encourage you to have a deeper look into the following sections.

Changes in Shadowlands

The Aethereal Meat is one of the more typical meats in the Shadowlands of World of Warcraft, with a drop rate of 20-24 percent for most monsters. This rarity, on the other hand, creates a larger demand for this item, which you may take advantage of because market prices are likely to be higher. Even more so because it's utilized in a variety of essential dishes like the Banana Beef Pudding, Pickled Meat Smoothie, and Quiethounds. Hence, it ought to be quite a good item to sell on the Auction House or to use in your own cooking profession.

Shadowlands, on the other hand, was a major breakthrough in terms of originality in many ways. On the other hand, meat and other culinary goods were not well covered. That's because there hasn't been much of a change, other from a little adjustment.

The most significant difference between farming cooking ingredients in Battle for Azeroth and farming cooking ingredients in Shadowlands is that each monster can now only drop one sort of meat, necessitating different farming methods and strategies for each. The other difference is a substantial drop rate reduction, which is probably the most important for most meat-gathering players. When comparing Shadowlands to Battle for Azeroth, in the latter, killing an appropriate monster nearly always resulted in a culinary ingredient; however, with this most recent expansion, the chances of receiving those things have substantially decreased.

Aethereal Meat farming routes

We'll guide you through the farming process in Shadowlands in this section, as well as show you some of our favourite spots and routes that have all been tried and proven.

They all meet certain requirements, such as being full of monsters that are reasonably easy to kill, having a high spawn rate and density, and therefore being good locations for solo or group farming.

Route 1

Aethereal Meat farming guide Bastion 1

First of all, we would like to get you started with our absolute best – the famous spot in Bastion, located directly in the pass between the Hero’s Rest and Temple of Humility, just south of Firstborne’s Bounty. Here, you will be farming the Gilded Cloudstriders, which are going to be spawning around the hill. This area is quite an easy farming spot and can be cleared by just about anyone with decent gear and setup. Remember that the faster you go, the faster the mobs will respawn, so if you feel like it’s not as fast as it should be, perhaps stepping up is the way to go!

Route 2

Aethereal Meat farming guide Bastion 2

A second worthwhile spot is also found in Bastion. It is a location that can be found in the hills above Aspirant’s Rest, which is also shown on the map as Agthia’s Repose. In this location you are going to find Gildfur Roamers, which are ram-like creatures that have about one in five chances of dropping the Aethereal Meat. Moreover, this spot is far less known while offering many benefits, such as simple mobs and quick respawn rates, making it a really good place for farming.

Route 3

Aethereal Meat farming guide Revendreth

The last spot, also for a change of location is in Revendreth. This spot is located between the Pridefall Hamlet and Darkhaven. In this location reside two types of monsters – Bonemauler Alphas and Horrific Bonemaulers. Both of those share a decent chance of dropping the ingredient. What is more, killing those should not pose much of an issue to any player, new or veteran, which along with the good concentration and number of monsters in the area make for a great farming spot, regardless of experience.

Aethereal Meat farming tips

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to enhance meat farming because it is the most basic of all gathering activities. You can increase the quality of your experience by doing a few things. We'll go through them briefly in this section. Despite the fact that we feel these characteristics and components are quite widespread, we are certain that understanding and implementing them more intentionally via your farming methods would benefit you.

In general, your gear and speciality will have the most influence, since being a healer or tank will not assist you in swiftly pulling and eliminating a large number of opponents. Balance and feral druids, for example, are undoubtedly better equipped for such tasks.

Also, remember that advancing slowly saves time and is more efficient than dying rapidly. Because getting back on your feet after being slain takes considerably longer than killing a second set of creatures, even if they are fewer. As a result, when farming, you should experiment and explore to find your talents while keeping a safety buffer. As a result, you'll notice a significant improvement in your performance.

Furthermore, given the present status of the looting system, farming in groups is currently quite effective; if you and your friends tag the monsters you're killing together, your harvest may be significantly increased. As a result, you should think about this choice carefully because it may be beneficial to you.

With all of this information, we hope that our Aethereal Meat farming guide will help you get the most out of your Aethereal Meat gathering. If you remember everything from this lesson, you should have no trouble making a fortune in farming and either becoming a fantastic chef or making a fortune on the Auction House. We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time!

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